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A Miami-based, fully licensed online store

The Aquatic Kingdom is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated in sharing with the world the beauty of the reefs and bringing just a piece of that beauty out of the ocean and into your homes!

We carefully hand pick and select each and every piece of livestock that we have for sale. Then we bring all our livestock and carefully acclimate it to our tanks and treat each and every individual piece as if it  were ours to keep until the moment it goes to its permanent home in your tank!

All of our corals are kept under LED lighting. Appearance of corals (color, polyp size, etc.) will vary from tank to tank due to different lighting, flow and water conditions. Our system parameters are as follows: Temperature: 76-7, SG (salinity): 1.025, Ammonia: 0, Nitrates: 0, Phosphates: 0

As you shop through our store, if theres something you are looking for and do not find, please contact us and let us know what it is you are looking for. We get new fish and inverts usually every tuesday and new corals usually every wednesday so you can always order something with us that we might not have in stock at the moment. Remember if you are in the Miami area please feel free to visit our store located at 8010 NW 90th St in Medley, FL 33166 so you can see our stock and pick what u want to buy “face to face”.

If you are not local please feel free to browse through our many pages of beautiful corals and exotic fish and we will overnight your order to you. Please check out our “Arrive Alive Policy” and shipping schedule.

This page is currently under construction. If you need to place an order for shipping, please contact Kathy at 1+786-362-0506. THANK YOU.


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